I've never felt so healthy and invigorated

I have never felt so healthy and invigorated.

A few months ago I was a bit nervous about meeting a nutritionist due to my previously poor eating habits and life style choices, but Tanya immediately put me at ease and suggested a number of small changes that I could incorporate into my daily routine.

I cannot thank Tanya enough for helping me to finally start attaining, and keeping, a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that I have always wanted but previously struggled to achieve and maintain.

MF, Teddington

I feel overall much healthier

I went to see Tanya 6 months ago to get her advice on my diet, and helping with some medical conditions I had.
As a business traveller, it is fair to say that my diet has never been the healthiest. I knew roughly what I should be eating however this was proving easier said than done.
Time demands, socialising and working in what is sometimes an extremely stressful job were all contributing to a less than heathy diet.
Tanya gave me extremely helpful recommendations on how to improve my diet, including pragmatic options and choices that can fit into my hectic lifestyle.
Following our session I am eating better, making improved choices when out and at home, and feel overall much healthier. 

I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone.

DN, Bromley

My health and general wellbeing have improved beyond all recognition

 I have always had stomach related health conditions, which over the last couple of years have gotten much worse. It was affecting my lifestyle, ability to exercise and was really getting me very down.
After exploring a number of medical avenues without success, Tanya's recommendations and help made a massive difference to my life.
Through some suggested testing, I have found I am intolerant to gluten and dairy, and Tanya has been able to recommend many alternatives for me to keep food exciting and interesting, without breaking the bank.
My stomach problems are now extremely rare, and health and general wellbeing have improved beyond all recognition.

DW, Beckenham

I reached the weight I dreamed of

Tanya was wonderful and gave me all the support I needed to have a healthy diet.

My life has changed, I was suffering with tiredness, forgetfulness and heavy periods but form the moment I started to follow the plan everything has changed.  Today I am another person, I can eat healthy and with the weight I dreamed of thanks to the professionalism of Tanya.

FS, Beckenham

I have a renewed sense of energy and feel my best in the lead up to my wedding

Tanya has been intrinsic to helping me feel my best in the lead up to my wedding, and her easy-to-adopt recommendations have made the world of difference. 

Before working with Tanya, I felt constantly tired and sluggish, despite eating fairly well and exercising a lot. She took the time to really understand my lifestyle to find simple ways to integrate solutions into my diet, offering help and advice when I  needed it. Her recommendations have helped me combat my fatigue and fainting way more than any doctors have over the years, and I feel more educated about the food I fuel my body with. 

I now feel a renewed sense of energy I never thought I could have at one of the busiest points in my life, and that is purely down to Tanya. I could never have don’t this on my own and I can’t recommend her services enough. 

AA, Blackheath