As a Nutritional Therapist I believe that food and lifestyle interventions should always be the first port of call when seeking to improve our overall wellbeing. 

Nutritional supplements however can also be beneficial for those clients deficient in key nutrients, or for supporting those with specific dietary choices such as Vegans.

It is extremely important making the right choices when it comes to nutritional supplements, particularly for those on prescription medications. You don’t want to be taking too many, and it is very easy to spend a lot of money on low quality, ineffective products.

As a BANT registered Nutrition Practitioner, I am fully trained in supplement and medication interactions and professionally insured to recommend supplements. I would only make recommendations after thorough assessment of your case history, prescription medications and any relevant test results.

Any recommends I make will be for specific brands and dosages of nutrients known for their quality and efficacy. I will include indicative costs and sources of where to purchase them, as some may not be available from mainstream high street health stores. 

I have no affiliations with any supplement company and will not profit from any supplements a client may order.

Diagnostic testing

I can assist you in arranging a number of different diagnostic tests, as they can be appropriate in some circumstances.

Specialist laboratories provide a range of tests that might require either blood, urine, faecal or saliva samples. These tests can be expensive, however some can potentially be arranged through referral from your GP. 

I would consider diagnostic testing part of any recommendation I make to you.